Jesús Sepúlveda is a Chilean poet with roots in Spain, Italy and Eugene, Oregon. His important work is both critical and inspirational, a human and plant-centered antidote to the globalist technocracy.

Sepúlveda’s doctoral dissertation (Toward a Poetic of De-Inhabitation) covers a wide range of aspects of Peruvian, Chilean and Argentine literary history from the Avant-garde period toward the New Avant-garde, and New Baroque periods. Shamanism is another of his areas of interest. His upcoming book, Realidades Multidimensionales, explores the topic of shamanism from the perspective of Nagualism as well as studying shamanic phenomena in their interconnection with dreams, plants of power, consciousness and literary subjectivity.

If we are to survive, we must remember the wisdom in this powerful and poetic book. The Garden of Peculiarities will in time, I believe, become a classic. Jesús Sepúlveda shows us how to remember what we already know in our bodies.” — Derrick Jensen

Jesús Sepúlveda speaks with Joanna about his books “The Garden of Peculiarities” and “Realidades Multidimensionales”, the teachings of the sacred plants, the magical perception of reality and its relationship with the evolution of humankind, and a nagual message from the future…among other topics.