Jason Kirkey grew up in the North Atlantic watershed of Massachusetts in a small town north of Boston. He moved to Boulder, Colorado where he attended Naropa University and in 2007 obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in “Interdisciplinary Studies with concentrations in Contemplative Psychology and Environmental Studies.” Throughout his undergraduate career he was also heavily influenced and inspired by deep ecology, ecopsychology, Buddhism, and the Shambhala tradition of enlightened warriorship as taught by Chögyam Trungpa.

He has released three collections of poems, Portraits of Beauty (2006), Songs from a Wild Place (2007), and The Ballad of the Sea-Sweet Moon and Other Poems (2008).

In late 2008 Jason completed a manuscript entitled The Salmon in the Spring: The Ecology of Celtic Spirituality which deals with the themes of Irish mythology and the re-invention and integration of the human species into consonance with the living cosmos. It draws heavily on ecological studies, mythology and folklore, and the nondual mystical traditions.

Most recently Jason has moved to San Francisco to study at the California Institute of Integral Studies in the “Philosophy, Cosmology, and Consciousness” program. He is in the early stages of writing a fourth collection of poems and is developing experiential programs in order to bring his work with Place, Nature, Soul, and Story to the public.


Jason speaks with Joanna about nature, soul, storytelling, ecological mysticism and his own initiatory experiences from the diferent facets of the Irish Dreamtime

“We can’t engage with the entire universe, or with the aspect of our being that is the universe until we start engaging with our local identity, our local place, our local culture, our ecosystem, through that engagement, we can find the larger story, but it has to start with the local wawtershed, and finding our own story there, before finding the Big Story.”