Leslie M. Browning is a poet,writer, and longtime student of Religion, Spirituality, Nature, Language and Philosophy as such these themes permeate her work. Raised a Catholic, she studied both the Traditional and Apocrypha doctrine before her spiritual search eventually crossed into the other religions of the world, compelling her to investigate: Judaism, Tibetan Buddhism, Druidry and Shamanism.

In 2004, following several years of life-changing events, Browning made one of the defining choices of her life: to move away from world religion as a whole; taking with her what few truths she felt to be absolute as she followed her heart in search of a more intimate spirituality.

Browning is the author of the three-title Contemplative Poetry Series published with Little Red Tree Publishing: Oak Wise: Poetry Exploring an Ecological Faith, Ruminations at Twilight: Poetry Exploring the Sacred and The Barren Plain: Poetry Exploring the Reality of the Modern Wasteland. In the Autumn of 2010 The Sacred (a selection from Ruminations at Twilight) was nominated for the Pushcart Prize.


Leslie speaks with Joanna about her life-changing experiences,the connection with the ancestors, shamanism and poetry, healing, the sacredness of the Earth…and reads some of her poems…
Music: “Song to the Earth” (from Ofrenda A La Pachamama) by Tito La Rosa