Dr Hugh Wheir graduated from Texas A&M University School of Veterinary Medicine in 1979 and operated a successful and innovative veterinary practice in Santa Fe for many years. A pioneer in animal acupuncture and natural healing, Dr Wheir was trained by Sensei Nakazono in the Kototama School of Japanse acupuncture and practiced on humans with many remarkable healing successes before he turned his full attention to animals. Dr Wheir has been  an advocate for humane population control of domestic animals and wildlife and the protection of endangered species, including Mexican sea turtles and African elephants. He has conducted hundreds of spay-neuter clinics in the US and Latin America through the organization he founded, Animal Alliance, and has lectured widely, collaborating with the Humane Society of the United States, Humane Society International and many other foundations and institutions. He now serves on the board of Alliance for the Earth, Elephants in Crisis, and The Biosphere Foundation – and is excited to be a hands-on veterinarian once again!

Dr Wheir’s veterinary practice specializes in animal acupuncture and alternative approaches to health and healing, herbal medicine, diet and neutraceutical support for dogs, cats and horses. He offers exams, consultations, diagnosis, second opinions, geriatric care, management of chronic pain, lameness and paralysis and…..having successfully treated over 20,000 horses with acupuncture, Dr Wheir’s rapport with horses is extraordinary.

Hugh’s commitment is to create a field of healing intention in close collaboration with concerned clients to develop understanding & balanced energy for their animals. His expertise and years of tried and true natural solutions has resulted in many herbal remedies that anyone can apply.

Anyone interested in consulting with Dr Hugh Wheir on natural animal health care and healing and management or treatment of many common diseases can contact him at     allanimals AT igc DOT org



Hugh speaks with Joanna about his life-long dedication to our animal companions, his very first treatment in animal acupuncture, inter-species communication, meeting the white lions of Timbavati…

Music: “Hey Da Ba Doom” (from The Codona Trilogy) by Don Cherry, Nana Vasconcelos & Colin Walcott