Lenore Norrgard is a social activist, screenwriter, filmmaker, photojournalist, contributing writer, shamanic healer, teacher and consultant.
Pioneered applying shamanic practices to social activism. Among other articles,”Ritual & Activism: The Alchemy of Social Transformation” and “Our Ancestors, Ourselves: Healing America”. She wrote, directed, shot and edited 60-minute narrative film, GETTING TO SEX, integrating 16mm film with analog and digital video. Wrote and now producing AMERICAN UBUNTU, a narrative feature film.


Lenore Norrgard speaks with Joanna about her film project “American Ubuntu”: art, healing, & social activism; the ritual roots of film; a story about collective transformation; changing the American Dream; “because we are, I am”; an invitation to be a backer for this exceptional film project…

original music by Evarusnik