Jennifer K. Lynne founded thecontactproject in 2007 to promote the cultivation of listening, patience and respect as foundations for conflict transformation & peacebuilding.  Jennifer received her Master’s in Conflict Transformation at the Center for Justice and Peacebuilding at Eastern Mennonite University with a concentration in Organizational Management and a specialization in Identity and Trauma.  In addition to role as director at thecontactproject, she has been awarded a Visiting Scholar’s position at the Mind & Life Institute at Amherst College and was an invited presenter at the International Peace Research Association’s bi-annual conference in 2010.

Jennifer speaks with Joanna about conflict transformation and peace-building; contemplative science and cultural context; identity threat vs. identity expansion; regaining dignity through shared experience; “the contact project”; the sense of wonderment.


”I Can’t Sit Still”, original music by Evarusnik


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