Gary Sherman has been a psychotherapist and teacher of meditation and self-awareness for over thirty-five years. Currently, Gary is an educator and teacher, who is committed to exploring our deepest human potential and translating the results into practical knowledge that can be used to elevate our lives. His present work embodies the educational process, called Perceptual Integration that he developed for training others in becoming self-aware.

Ellen Miller has developed a process called Inner Harmonics, where she uses art to bring through high energy healing frequencies for herself and others. Ellen teaches this unique process through Inner Harmonics, her private consulting with individuals and in her guided meditations. She is committed to helping others connect to their own Inner Teacher, so that they too can bring through their unique gifts and talents.

Ellen and Gary speak with Joanna about: attuned with everything; a shared revelatory process; beyond the healing; cooperating with a deep educational experience; ego, attention and evolution; the joy of painting; “serious play”; participation in the inner wisdom; doors to the larger Self.


”I Can’t Sit Still”, original music by Evarusnik