Dr. Susan P. Plummer is the director of the Santa Barbara Alliance for Living and Dying Well, a consortium of major end of life care services and providers in the Santa Barbara area. Also a licensed psychotherapist, she has had a part time private practice for over 25 years.
Starting at a very young age, Dr. Plummer had a curiosity about other dimensions. This grew into a passionate lifetime interest in experiences of major life transitions, which she began to investigate under the guidance of leading theorist, Dr. Amadeo Giorgi. Her research yielded encouraging results, which turned out to be navigational—offering ways for individuals to move through very challenging yet promising journeys of deep change.
Her recent book, Deep Change: Befriending the Unknown, grew out of this doctoral research. Her book and presentations address the intricacies of transformation as they apply to individuals as well as the collective. Her popular workshops explore grief, bereavement, and the call to transformation as an avenue for growth in individuals and organizations.

Susan speaks with Joanna about: a walk in the unknown; bringing a new world into being; the process of “deep change”; listening together to the longing for something that wants to emerge; allowing the aliveness; radical relatedness; the shifts of deep change; belonging to the world; a collective change emerging.


”I Can’t Sit Still”, original music by Evarusnik