Henry ShukmanHenry Shukman is an English poet and writer. His first poetry collection, “In Dr No’s Garden” won the Jerwood Aldeburgh Poetry Prize. His book was also the Book of the Year in The Times and The Guardian, and he was selected as a Next Generation Poet in 2004. As a fiction writer he won the Author’s Club First Novel Award in 2006 for his short novel “Sandstorm”. His second novel, “The Lost City”, was a The Guardian Book of the Year, and in America it was a New York Times Editor’s Choice. He has worked as a travelwriter, was Poet in Residence at the Wordsworth Trust, and currently lives in New Mexico with his wife and two sons, where he teaches at the Mountain Cloud Zen Center and is a Associate Zen Master in the Sanbo Zen lineage, with the teaching name Ryu’un. He writes regularly for Tricycle and the New York Times, and his most recent book is the poetry collection “Archangel”.

Henry speaks with Joanna about: an inexplicable “moment of epiphany”; a long search; a relationship system; clarifying who we really are; a path of not-knowing; trying to convey what cannot be conveyed; “things just happen”; archetypal dreamwork, psychology with a spiritual dimension; two poems.


”I Can’t Sit Still”, original music by Evarusnik