Steve Gallegos Eligio Stephen Gallegos, Ph.D, is a licensed psychologist with degrees from the University of Wisconsin, New Mexico State University and Florida State University. He discovered the Personal Totem Pole Processand at present is primarily engaged in training people, including therapists, artists and teachers in The Personal Totem Pole Process© and gives workshops in the use of imagery in growth and psychotherapy in various cities of the US and Europe (Ireland, Germany, Switzerland and Austria). He is the author of – among others – :“The Personal Totem Pole: Animal Imagery, The Chakras and Psychotherapy”, “The Animals of the Four Windows: Integrating Thinking, Sensing, Feeling and Imagery”, “Into Wholeness: The Path of Deep Imagery”. His newest book is “Nothing is Nothing”, the first in a series of short novels that explore the ways in which education trains children to be obedient at the expense of their own wholeness and uniqueness, and how this is maintained by families, communities, schools, and the workplace.

Mary DigginMary Diggin has an MA in Mythological Studies and is an IIVR certified trainer and Deep Imagery Guide for over 20 years, leading trainings and workshops as well as working with individuals. Born in Ireland, she moved to New Mexico in 1998, where she lives with her husband, E.S. Gallegos on the Rio Grande, in the Embudo area where they run Deep Imagery workshops and also work with people on an individual basis through Imagery. Her particular interests are in the intersection between myth, storytelling, ritual and deep imagery as well as the link between psyche and nature. Mary’s deep imagery workshops often reflect these interests and her passionate understanding of the deep imagination as a powerful holistic means of accessing our inner world and building relationship with what we may call the outer world. She also trained in massage, web and graphic design and works as a micaceous clay potter, writer and Sweat Lodge Water Pourer. Mary is available to lead workshops and to work with individuals.

Steve and Mary speak with Joanna about: Steve’s newest book, “Nothing is Nothing”; the blossoming of a story; in relationship with the deep imagination; part of the ancient lineage of living beings; the spontaneous guidance of our own aliveness; the endless journey; “walking the path of continuously becoming more whole”; in relationship with All.


”I Can’t Sit Still”, original music by Evarusnik