Sabrina PageSabrina Page is a graduate of the Rocky Mountain School of Healing Arts with over 30 years experience in somatic education, teaching individuals and groups to feel the body from the inside out and experience presence in the here and now. For over 25 years she has facilitated womens’ groups in movement and embodied awareness.  She teaches both dance and contact improvisation as meditations in motion, exploring the spontaneous expression of feeling moment to moment, allowing the wild mystery of the moment to emerge.  From 1987 –2001 she produced and dj’d Dance Spirit, an improvisational dance event in Marin County. Sabrina has a BA from Cornell University, as well as an MA in Philosophy and Religion from CIIS, where she studied Philosophy, Cosmology and Consciousness.  She has been deeply influenced by the wisdom traditions of many cultures, exploring the meditation practices, the sacred music and the dance of these cultures.

Sabrina speaks with Joanna about: water-like movement; “there is river that comes through us”; entering interconnectedness through movement meditation; “improvisational intelligence”; guided by beauty; a reverberation of Romanticism and the sixties; the primal fluidity of laughter; a wellspring of joy and peace.

”I Can’t Sit Still”, original music by Evarusnik