Åsmund SeipÅsmund Seip is a poet, artist and love activist, burning for a collective, beautiful remembering of who we are – and where we are. Åsmund is the author of the book “100 Days of Love”, and he is currently crowdfunding his new book, “100 Days for the Earth – Love Poetry Revolution”. He lives with his family in a little red house outside of Oslo, Norway.

Åsmund speaks with Joanna: “love activism”; a magical moment; “if you go into the woods”; a way of remembering; the deepest longing; “you are nature”; “a hundred days of love”; playful wildness.


Due to a technical mistake, the sound in this interview is less than perfect, I apologize both to Åsmund and to my Future Primitive friends. Nevertheless, I love this conversation.

”I Can’t Sit Still”, original music by Evarusnik

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