Sandor KatzIn this week’s episode, Sandor Katz speaks to us about the fascinating world of fermented foods. He introduces us to fermentation as food activism; the association of traditional fermented foods and good health and longevity; easy ways of making fermented food in your home; entering in relationship with (micro)ecology: our bacterial allies; how the art of fermentation is attracting growing numbers of people.

Sandor Ellix Katz is a self-taught ferementaiotn experiementalist. he wrote “Wild Fermentation: The Flavor, Nutrition, and Craft of Live-Culture Foods” (Chelsea Green, 2003) – which Newsweek called “the fermenting bible” – in order to share the fermentation wisdom he had learned, and demystify home fermentation. Since the book’s publication, Katz has taught hundreds of fermentation workshops across North America and beyond, taking on a role he describes as a “fermentation revivalist”.  He is also the author of “The Art of Fermentation” – his latest book, an in-depth exploration of the topic – and “The Revolution Will Not Be Microwaved: Inside America’s Underground Food Movements” (Chelsea Green, 2006).

”I Can’t Sit Still”, original music by Evarusnik