Eugenia BoneIn this week’s episode, Eugenia Bone speaks with Joanna about: mycophilia, falling in  love with mushrooms; different cultural relationships with mushrooms: philia, phobia, shamanistic use; caution in wild harvesting; the interconnected world of fungi; the ecosystem of our bodies; medicinal applications of mushrooms; promising therapeutic research in psilocybin mushrooms: a personal, wonderful experience; the kitchen ecosystem: flavor and sustainability.

Eugenia Bone is a long time food writer, author of five books, among others, “Mycophilia: Revelations From the Weird World of  Mushrooms” – recently she became the co-president of the New York Mycological Society-, and “The Kitchen Ecosystem”, expaining how to cook fresh, preserve, use the preserves, and use the waste stream of foods to make a range of dishes that can be integrated in countless ways. She is also a Italian cook, mushroom hunter, master canner, and all-around bloated pleasure seeker. Her stories have appeared in newspapers and magazine across the country, from The New York Times magazine to The National Lampoon, in Saveur, Food & Wine, Gourmet, Fine Cooking, among many others.


The Kitchen Ecosystem


“I Can’t Sit Still”, original music by Evarusnik