susanIn this week’s episode, Susan Murphy Roshi speaks with Joanna about the offer we can’t refuse; how this ecological crisis is a crisis of indifference; we are gathering points of sentience for the Earth; recovering our indigenous, original awareness; our minds are in improvisation with Nature; the courage to respond from belonging; the whole world is medicine; we are expressions of Earth’s history; “mind is no other than mountains and rivers..”; what we are here for: love, a beautiful struggle to become congruent.

Susan Murphy Roshi is the founding teacher of Zen Open Circle in Sydney, Australia. Since 2003 Susan has also been leading regular seven-day sesshin and shorter retreats in Melbourne for the Melbourne Zen Group.

Susan Murphy is a writer, freelance radio producer and film director, with a special interest in place, dream, and the affinity of Dharma with aboriginal spirituality. She lectured in film for many years at the University of Technology, Sydney, held a five year Queen Elizabeth II Research Fellowship at University of Western Sydney, has co-written three books on film and numerous scholarly articles, and directs the annual Reel to Reel Buddhist-inspired Film Festival in Sydney established in 2003. She is the author of  the books “Upside-Down-Zen: Finding the Marvelous in the Ordinary”, and her latest “Minding the Earth, Mending the World”, a detailed, Zen-inspired response to the tremendous koan presented to the world in our life-times by the environmental crisis we all face in global warming.


“I Can’t Sit Still”, original music by Evarusnik