Amy EdelsteinAmy Edelstein speaks with Joanna about: a visionary, uplifting city; defining evolutionary spirituality; closeness to the stars; a new felt sense towards our environment; opening our consciousness to the big current; homecoming to the Divine; a warmer language for spiritual experience; bringing a grounding, freeing spirituality to younger generations; remembering the big picture: a world of possibilities; non anthropocentric, active receptivity; a fluid kind of leadership; the edge of her spirituality.

Amy Edelstein, author, educator, and public speaker is a powerful communicator of ideas and beliefs that can help us transform ourselves and the culture we live in. She teaches a spiritually awakened perspective and the significance of an evolutionary worldview. Her short programs and year-long trainings help individuals and group develop. Engaging, sensitive, and insightful Amy’s mission is to support as many people as possible to grrow beyond their own expectations. A Cornell University College Scholar, Amy has thirty years experience of contemplative practice, including a background in both Western and Eastern spiritual traditions, as well as in evolutionary spirituality, a contemporary philosophical perspective that connects individual transformation with a deep sense of responsibility for our collective future. She is the author of “Love, Marriage & Evolution” and “Great Awakenings: Radical Visions of Spiritual Love”, and is currently working on a third book about evolutionary spirituality.


“I Can’t Sit Still”, original music by Evarusnik