Marsha_ScarbroughIn this week’s episode Marsha Scarbrough speaks with Joanna about the experiences that led to the writing of her book “Honey in the River”: Ifá, a religion of complexity; drumming and dance as meditation; meeting Yoruba spirituality; introducing the orishas; lessons of living polygamy; the diversity of relationship; living in balance ith the archetypes; embracing the tastes of life.


Marsha Scarbrough is a freelance journalist, who has had over 75 articles published in numerous national magazines. As a graduate of the Directors Guild of America’s prestigious Assistant Directors Training program, Marsha spent 17 years scheduling, planning and running the sets of major feature films; prime television series, movies of the week and network sitcoms. Her first book, “Medicine Dance: one woman’s healing journey into the world of native american sweatlodges, drumming meditations and dance fasts”, was named First Runner Up for the 2009 Zia Award by New Mexico Press Women as well as a finalist in USA Book News National 2007 and 2008 “Best Books” Awards and the 2008 New Mexico Book Awards. She wrote, produced and directed the award-winning children’s video “The Magic of Martial Arts”. Her newest book is “Honey in the River: Shadow, Sex and West African Spirituality”.


“I Can’t Sit Still”, original music by Evarusnik