Bruce MacLennanIn this week’s episode, Bruce MacLennan speaks with Joanna about his book “The Wisdom of Hypatia”.  He introduces us to Hypatia, a revered spiritual guide, scientist and philosopher, and a model of religious tolerance. Bruce explains to us the relevance of  the spiritual practices of Neoplatonism; retrieving the spiritual roots of the West, back to shamanism; three degrees of wisdom: Epicureism, Stoicism, Neoplatonism; the paradoxic journey to the inmost flower of the soul; feeling reverence for Nature: Anima Mundi, the Soul of the World; the compatibility of Neoplatonic and scientific worldviews; “the entire cosmos is a single living organism”; direct experience of interconnectdness through Neoplatonic practices; theurgy, the art of spiritual alliance; the spiritual path of Beauty and Love.

Bruce J. MacLennan, PhD, has been a student of ancient Greek and Roman philosophy and religion for more than forty years, and for the past twenty-five he has studied the relationship between Neoplatonic spiritual practice, Pythagoreanism, theurgy, and related subjects. In his professional capacity as a professor of computer science, Maclennan researches artificial intelligence, autonomous robotics, artificial life, artificial morphogenesis, self-organizing systems, and the mind-body connection, including the relation of the brain to consciousness and the collective unconscious. He has published several books and more than sixty scholarly articles, and he is invited regularly to give international presentations on his work. His newest book is “The Wisdom of Hypatia: ancient spiritual practices for a more meaningful life”.


“I Can’t Sit Still”, original muic by Evarusnik