Adebayo AkomolafeIn this week’s episode, Bayo Akomolafe speaks with Joanna about: the pilgrimage to the wildness of things; looking for buried possibilities, beyond the single story of development; connected to Gaia in ways that transcend paradigms and belief systems; the space of slowing down an waiting; the recognition of the power and agency of the Earth; we need each other more than ever;  a different kind of activism; un-schooling ourselves by learning from our children; nature is us in our wildest mattering; invoking other ways of being in the world; constantly at the edge of a new encounter with the cosmic; meeting the song that deeps and rises; the world is many voices, many stories, dacing in and out; holding a sacred library of new possibilities.


Adebayo Akomolafe, PhD, is a clinical psychologist, lecturer and author from Covenant University in Nigeria. He is an international speaker, poet and activist for a radical paradigm shift in consciousness and current ways of living. He is Coordinator of the International Alliance for Localization. His is an emerging voice in the world calling for a multi-dimensional shift in consciousness and systemic reification by turning to each other in small ways, and reconnecting with our ‘shamanic effusiveness and utter magnificence’. Co-founders of a network called Koru, Bayo and his ‘life-force’, Ej, are currently on an enchanted (and vulnerable) journey to reclaim their lives and intimacy with the earth, with others and with a larger palette of possibilities. He is writing his second book, ‘And We Shall Dance with the Mountains’ and a novel, ‘The Boy Who Stayed Outside’.

His readings of ‘knowledge’, ‘development’, ‘progress’ and ‘truth’ as Eurocentric metanarratives led him (and his wife, Ej) to develop the first International Workshop on Alternative research Paradigms and Indigenous Knowledge Promotion (WARP,2011). His writings and publications have taken him to multiple conferences and counter-cultural events around the world.


“I Can’t Sit Still”, original music by Evarusnik




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