Tim WardIn this week’s episode, Tim Ward speaks with Joanna about the book he has co-authored with Shai Tubali, “Indestructible You”: dissolving the myth of the broken self; “we are a manifestation of that stream of energy”; mastering one’s will in service to creativity; embracing our weakness; inner and outer power; finding and recognizing true will; becoming conscious of our primal narrative; the yoga of relationship.


Tim Ward is an author, publisher and teacher. His passion in life is transformation. He has written eight books, most of them exploring philosophical and spiritual dimensions of life in different cultures and then relating them to or modern Western way of life. As publisher of Changemakers Books, Tim seeks to promote the works of other writers focused on personal and global transformation. His newest book, coauthored with Shai Tubali – thinker and author specialized in the field of self-transformation – is “Indestructible You: Building a self that can’t be broken.”


I Can’t Sit Still”, original music by Evarusnik

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