Maria_BäckJeff_Vander_CluteIn this week’s episode, Jeff Vander Clute and Maria Bäck speak with Joanna about: a shift in the collective psyche; resonance mapping: reading the field and helping it to evolve; decision making from physical sensations; exploring different layers and qualities of consciousness; a rich map of evolving awareness; the architecture of Isness; three expanding experiences: mind, heart and gut; tapping our potential and making visible the field of possibility; the process of raising our awareness.


Jeff Vander Clute co-founded Sourcing the Way to deliver coaching and strategic consulting services that liberate spirit and radically accelerate holistic transformation. Jeff has deep entrepreneurial experience gained from leadership and advisory roles at more than 20 organizations. These include technology startups where he co-created Internet platforms used by over 30 millions people, social enterprises, and leading-edge nonprofits growing movements for social and environmental well-being. He is a member of Evolutionary Leaders, Gaiafield Project, the Global Compassion Council, and In Claritas.

Maria Bäck, co-founder of Sourcing the Way, is an intuitive communicator, energetic facilitator, and awareness consultant. Maria specializes in deep listening and resonance-based facilitation for illuminating key insights and bringing clarity that sparks holistic transformation. For the past 25 years Maria has built a successful track record in sales operations, business administration, and leadership roles spanning continents and cultures. Based in the UK, her current projects are exploring possibilities for industry transformation in the clean energy, financial, high tech, and non profit sectors.


“I Can’t Sit Still”, original music by Evarusnik

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