Faith_NoltonFaith Nolton speaks with Joanna about: the creative process, risk and trust; becoming artist and discovering a wider reality; how we come into balance through the fire of creativity; visionary art: dancing between the spirit world and the everyday reality; healing through sacred art; the courage of coming back to creativity; weaving living symbols and personal stories; intention and working with Spirit(s); everybody can bless the Earth with creative acts; healing the wounded fire.

Faith Nolton trained in Fine Art and Sculpture at Liverpool College of Art and in art teaching at Liverpool John Moores University. Since then she has made a lifelong exploration of spiritual creativity, perception, healing, sacred and tribal art and the ancient soul practices of Medicine Wheel and shamanism. Faith is a shamanic healer, soul counselor and ‘gardener’, teacher of sacred art and shamanism, editor ad writer. For many years she was editor of Sacred Hoop Magazine, an international publication on shamanism worldwide. She is author/illustrator of “Easy-to-Use Shamanism” and “Gardens of the Soul”.


“I Can’t Sit Still”, original music by Evarusnik

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