In this week’s episode, William Searle speaks with Joanna about: a personal ecology;William Henry Searle the body-Earth relationship; a pilgrimage to sacred mountains in Japan; the ineffable, here and now; waking up together to the sacredness of Nature; the opening of the heart and the temple of everyday existence; an ecstatic experience in the mountains of Snowdonia; “living one sense at a time, all the way through”.


William Henry Searle, Ph.D., born 1987, in Dorset, UK, is a spiritual ecologist whose work draws on the world’s diverse spiritual traditions, philosophy, ecology, and personal lived experience in the outdoors to revive the sense of the natural world as inherently wild and sacred. He holds a doctorate in creative writing and environmental philosophy for which he was awarded a three year studentship to study at the Royal Holloway University of London. He is currently working on four books: Landscapes of Kin, which explores the connections between family and landscape; I am Heathen, which is a personal journey into rewilding the soul; a book of poems on his beloved Snowdonia, and  Perpernappercan, a fantasy trilogy. Lungs of my Earth is his first book.



“I Can’t Sit Still”, original music by Evarusnik