Andrea MathiesonIn this week’s episode Andrea Mathieson speaks with Joanna about: a prophetic invitation to work with the plants; listening to the pulse of life; learning an enlivened language of poetic connection; flower essences: an open door to the resonance of heart-knowing with Nature; communing with snake energy; reenchanting ourselves; using sound as a homeopathic frequency for healing people and the land; singing with Gaia: EarthSong Mysteries.

Andrea Mathieson is passionate about listening to Nature and helping people to remember their sacred connection with the Earth. Trained as a classical musician, Andrea began the Raven Essence project in 1995. As a highly-tuned intuitive, she now works assisting women to tend their ‘soul gardens’ in Grey Heron, a private retreat space in Maple, Ontario. She is the author of the “Raven Essence Manual – A Love Affair with Nature”, and “Gaia’s Invitation, Poems from the Sacred Earth”.


“I Can’t Sit Still”, original music by Evarusnik