Hank WesselmanIn this week’s episode Hank Wesselman speaks with Joanna about: communicating with Gaia Sophia; his first experiences of enchantment in Central Park; a haunting meeting in Ethiopia; the shamanic worldview; the beginning of a spiritual odyssey; our innate spiritual connection; being dreamed and dreaming the world; a guide from the future; the body soul, direct link to the Higher Self; Nature, the gateway to Spirit; meeting the Goddess at the Dendera shrine.


Hank Wesselman, PhD, is a paleoanthropologist and shamanic teacher who has worked with noted anthropologists in Ethiopia investigating the mystery of human origins in the Great Rift Valley. In addition to his scientific publications, his seven books on shamanism include the “Spiritwalker” trilogy and “Awakening to the Spirit World” (with Sandra Ingerman). He teaches at internationally known centers such as the Esalen Institute and the Omega Institute and lives in Hawaii.



“I Can’t Sit Still”, original music by Evarusnik