Michael_RoadsIn this week’s episode, Michael Roads speaks with Joanna about his lifetime love affair with Nature; the spiritual gateway of imagination; the refining process of listening and communicating with nature; finding the newness in us and the earth; the journey into nature leading into deeper levels of consciousness; through the eyes of an eagle; Love, the power of creation; the difference between intelligence and the intellect; the Earth shift; spherical time and a greater reality; Pan, the Spirit of Nature; seeing the seamless whole; loving the energy of humankind.


Michael Roads was born a farmer’s son in Cambridgeshire, England, in 1937. From an early age he discovered that he had a natural ability to travel beyond linear time and space, and enter into deep communication with Nature. Since his spiritual enlightenment at age 49, Michael has written 19 books on his experiences and explorations of alternate realities and dimensions. His main focus and teachings are based on unconditional Love and emotional balance. 2016 marks his 25th year of traveling over five continents presenting inspirational and life-changing 5-day intensives in a clear, compelling, humorous and no-nonsense format, enabling many participants to experience amazing shifts in consciousness.

Michael, an ordinary mystic, weaves his wealth of life experiences with the most extraordinary insights – insights that offer pathways to our deep spiritual relationship with nature and with Self. He has the consciousness and ability to empower people to gain understanding of the true nature of reality, and assist them in their spiritual awakening to their Divine potential.



“I Can’t Sit Still”, original music by Evarusnik

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