Cidny_BullensIn this week’s episode, Cidny Bullens performs heartfelt songs and speaks with Joanna about: telling the story of being human; a man in a woman’s body; the truth of embodying one’s own story; the process of learning how to live with grief; being part of the mysterious universe; embracing the light and the shadow; two defining moments in her life; songs from a deeper place; the choice to live without bitterness.


Cidny Bullens is a two-time Grammy nominee whose 40-year career in the music business began auspiciously working with Elton John, Bob Dylan, Gene Clark, Rod Stewart, The Alpha Band, and Pop producer/writer Bob Crewe. She also sang three lead vocals on the movie soundtrack of “Grease”, then recorded her own critically acclaimed album 1979’s “Desire Wire”, which earned her a Grammy nomination and catapulted Cindy into the international spotlight. In March of 1996, Cindy lost her 11 year-old daughter Jessie to cancer. That tragedy inspired Cindy to write and record her widely acclaimed 1999 CD “Somewhere Between Heaven and Earth”, featuring appearances by Bonnie Raitt, Lucinda Williams, Bryan Adams, Beth Neilson Chapman, Rodney Crowell, and a haunting duet with her elder daughter, Reid Crewe. The CD received the Best Rock Album Award in 2000 by the AFIM Independent Music Association. She is also the author of the CDs “Neverland”, “dream #29”, “Howling Trains and Barking Dogs”, and as a member of the uprising super-trio The Refugees, the CDs “Unbound” and  “THREE”. The Refugees recently began work on their third album in Los Angeles, to be released some time in 2016. In 2011, Cindy became Cidny, making the difficult and daunting decision to transition from female to male, not knowing what the personal or professional response would be. Cidny is now writing and performing again – has written and is working on the production of his one wo/man show “Somewhere Between”, which will premier in Santa Fe, New Mexico in February of 2016.


“I Can’t Sit Still”, original music by Evarusnik