Alan RaynerIn in this week’s episode Alan Rayner speaks with Joanna about: the partnership of trees and fungi; all lifeforms are expressions of flow; seeing the universal patterns; a mutual inclusion of space and energy; inclusionality, the dance of stillness and energy; conflict and the oppositional way of thinking; evolution as a co-creative flow process; the challenge of questioning everything; continuity and dynamic distinction in nature; territoriality – not enmity – an aspect of sustaining diversity; wildness, the source of evolutionary creativity.

Alan Rayner is a biological scientist, ecological philosopher, visual artist, poet and essayist. He has published around 160 scientific articles, 7 formal academic books – including “NatureScope – Unlocking Our Natural Empathy and Creativity” – , a 3 volume multi-author e-book – “Inclusionality: The Science, Art and Spirituality of Space, Place and Evolution” -, and seven Internet downloadable books – including “Inclusional Nature and Natural Inclusion”; “Natural Communion” and “From Emptiness to Openness”; “Limitless Pool”; “Within Reach” – . He has contributed to a variety of science- and art-based TV and radio broadcasts and presented many seminars and conference papers as well as co-convening several international conferences and symposia. The latter include a pioneering Science-Art event, “The Language of Water”, which, in 2001, resulted in an acclaimed BBC Radio 4 series, “Water Story”, and in 2006 and 2007 “Unhooked Thinking I and II”, two landmark conferences changing our perceptions of addiction. Since spring 2000, he has been pioneering “natural inclusionality”, a new philosophy and fluid boundary logic of self identity and ecological and evolutionary diversity and sustainability, based on awareness of how we naturally are in the world as it naturally is as energetic configuration of space.


“I Can’t Sit Still”,original music by Evarusnik

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