John Michael GreerIn this week’s episode, John Michael Greer speaks with Joanna about: discovering the convergence of spirituality and ecology; the circularity of reality; the world we live in is  a spiritual phenomenon; deconstructing the “you create your own reality” meme; the role of mystery schools; the beauty of limits; the dance of flow in balance; we are doing magic all the time; remembering the wider reality; doing one thing for the biosphere.


John Michael Greer is Past Grand Archdruid of the Ancient Order of Druids in America, current head of the Druidical Order of the Golden Dawn, and the author of more than thirty books on a wide range of subjects, including peak oil and the future of industrial society. He is also the author of the popular blog The Archdruid Report. He lives in Cumberland, MD, an old red brick mill town in the north central Appalachians, with his wife Sara.