Gay DillinghamIn this week’s episode Gay Dillingham speaks with Joanna about: inter-generational conversations about what really matters; practising ego-death to live more fully; reactions to “Dying to Know”; beyond the screen, connecting the audience to itself; the human craving to explore; personal to political, manifesting our inner mind; waking up to the interconnected truth; seeing ourselves in the big biological cycle.


Gay Dillingham started making documentary films out of college in the late 80s. Her first, “The WIPP Trail”, narrated by Robert Redford, cast a critical eye at our nation’s first and still world’s only underground nuclear waste repository. It became a community organizing tool and aired on PBS national followed by a panel discussion. “My Body Belongs to Me”, a children’s pro-active educational program on sexual abuse, earned the American Film Festival award for “Guidance & Values Education”. Gay then co-founded and managed two environmental technology companies: Earthstone International and Growstone.

Today, she is again concentrating her passion to inform and enlighten through her film company CNS Communications, LLC. The project “Dying to Know” has been a labor of love she has cultivated on and off for 18 years. She is grateful to be back to her life’s passion making films & telling meaningful stories.


“I Can’t Sit Still”, original music by Evarusnik