iku_fujimatsumoe_zimmerbergIn this week’s episode Moe Zimmerberg and Iku Fujimatsu speak with Joanna about: the global democratic school movement; hierarchy, control and separation from Nature; city kids rediscovering nature; diversity and commonality of the democratic schools around the world; consensus process versus voting in democratic schools; awareness andthe right use of power; an important distinction between structure and coercion; a student of Tutorial school shares his experience; systems theory and non hierarchical education; the joy of being oneself; trusting the process of one’s inner passion; the international democratic school conferences; helping to create a paradigm shift of interconnectedness.

With the participation of Maya Mascareñas.


As a dynamic, global educator and as an artist, Iku Fujimatsu has dedicated the majority of her professional life to the belief that an intimate relationship with nature is essential to an enriched education, as well as a healthy life, self-awareness and personal freedom. She spent her childhood both in Japan and the United States. Iku holds a degree in Fine Arts from Kyouritsu University, Tokio. In 2000, she received her Master’s degree in Education with a focus on At Risk Youth from the College of Santa Fe. In 1997 she joined The Tutorial School as a teacher of Japanese and the Fine Arts.

Moe Zimmerberg is one of the leading educational visionaries working in the United States today. He has evolved and advanced the concept of holistic childhood education through decades of work at The Tutorial School. He is also an active participant in the global Democratic School Movement. He attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where he studied mathematics and neuroscience. Moe has been involved with the Tutorial School virtually from its inception with Richard Testa who founded the school as a place for children to heal and blossom. Upon moving to Santa Fe, Moe worked at the Little Earth School and as a math instructor at the College of Santa Fe. He also received a state certificate in education. He joined the Tutorial School in 1990 and became a full partner in 1992.


“I Can’t Sit Still¨, original music by Evarusnik