alex_seymourIn this week’s episode Alex Seymour speaks with Joanna about: searching for soul healing, from Afghanistan to the Amazon; a life-changing, spiritual experience through DMT; psychedelics and loosing the fear of death; exploring the unknown territory of the psyche; initiation to Mother Ayahuasca; a mythic voyage; rites of passage and masculinity; the feminine force of the planet; being born to compassion and empathy; power versus force.

Alex Seymour enlisted in the Royal Marines Commandos as a teenager, serving for 6 years and completing 2 tours of duty on active service. Twenty years later he returned to the service as the oldest front line commando in Helmand Province in Afghanistan. He is currently the Technology Account Director for a global technology company and lives with his wife and children in Buckinghamshire, England. He is the author of “Psychedelic Marine: A Transformational Journey from Afghanistan to the Amazon”.



“I Can’t Sit Still”, original music by Evarusnik