In this week’s episode Jeremy Berg speaks with Joanna about: meeting the Sidhe, the people of peace; a visionary download of Earth’s history; an invitation to collaborate with the full range of planetary life; the collective creation of a visionary gateway; the Bard Stone’s enigmatic voice; the imagination is a doorway into another branch of being; setting up an open field of synchronicity; a more beautiful expression of what humanity can become; recognizing and honoring the life around us; a time of wake up call and nurturing the gestation of a new world.

Jeremy Berg, MCS – Michigan, works as an educator, artist, writer and publisher and has been associated with the Lorian Association since 1976. He was trained as an architectural designer and holds a patent for a panelized arch structural system. His work in energy efficiency and earth sheltered construction have been well publicized including on the cover of Popular Science magazine. He is part of the Lorian faculty and provides teaching and technical services for Lorian education as well as working as publisher/owner of Lorian Press and Starseed Publications. He is the author of “The Gathering Light”, “Faerie Blood” and artist for the “Card Deck of the Sidhe”. Jeremy offers classes using the “Card Deck of the Sidhe” as a part of the Lorian faculty and writes occasionally in the community Blog.



“I Can’t Sit Still”, original music by Evarusnik