In this week’s episode Reginald Ray speaks with Joanna about: Trungpa Rinpoche and the transmission in the West of the deepest Tantric teachings from Tibetan Buddhism; the inherent spirituality of the body; returning to the sanity of direct experience; the natural love of embodied existence; a microcosm of the Universe; entering the somatic realm beyond thinking; feeling deeply the sacredness of human life; trauma recovery and the spiritual path; metaphoric language and the body; awakening to the nourishing and loving presence of the Earth; changing the world through reconnecting with the Earth.

Reginald A. Ray, PhD,  is the co-founder and spiritual director of Dharma Ocean Foundation, dedicated to the evolution and flowering of the somatic teachings of Tibetan Tantra. He is a lineage holder in the tradition of Chogyam Trungpa, Rinpoche. Reginald is the author of several books including “Indestructible Truth” and “Secrets of the Vajra World”. His newest book is “The Awakening Body: Somatic Meditation for Discovering Our Deepest Life”.

Photo: Dona Laurita

Original music by Evarusnik