In this week’s episode David Spangler and Jeremy Berg speak with Joanna about: what is “Gaianeering”, the forthcoming Lorian Summer Conference; participating in an ecology of consciousness; the heart of an incarnational spirituality; learning to live on behalf of the life of the world; Findhorn, an early example of gaianeering; cooperating with the subtle intelligences of Nature; a possibility for broader, new ways of being human; a relationship with Gaia based in love; emergent novelty and love; rediscovering and realigning with our wholeness and the wholeness of the world.


David Spangler is a visionary, author and spiritual teacher, and Lorian Priest. A lecturer and teacher since 1964, David has written numerous books which include: “The Call”, “Everyday Miracles”. “Blessing: The Art and the Practice” and “Incarnational Spirituality”. From 1970 to 1973 David was a co-director of the Findhorn Foundation Community in northern Scotland. He is a co-founder of the Lorian Association and a Fellow of the Lindisfarne Association. Currently he serves as Director of the Lorian Center for Incarnational Spirituality and is primary faculty for the Path of the Chalice Program. David is married with 4 children and lives in Washington.

Jeremy Berg, MCS lives in Traverse City, Michigan and is owner of the Lorian Press and Starseed Publications. He is the author of “The Gathering Light”, artist for “The Card Deck of the Sidhe”, a Lorian priest and workshop presenter. He holds an architectural patent for earth sheltered structural systems featured on the cover of Popular Science magazine, has taught at both the secondary and post-secondary level and has been a college dean and vicepresident. He is part of the Lorian education development team.



“I Can’t Sit Still”, original music by Evarusnik