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Deep Psychedelic Training and the Multiple Meanings of Psychosis
An Interview with Lila Vega

October 13, 2022

Interview by
Lara Tambacopoulou

In this episode Lara Tambacopoulou interviews Lila Vega about the psychedelic therapy training and the multiple meanings of psychosis.

Lila Vega is a transpersonal psychologist and integrative psychotherapist, transpersonal thanatologist, somatic therapist, herbalist, curandero, activist, advocate of the mystical experience, and lover of the mystery, of psychosis, and of the gaze of panthers at night. He is the director of the non-profit AWE through which he coordinates projects with shamanic communities from Central Africa, Mexico, and the Amazon; and serves as the director of the Psychedelic Therapy Training. He has been learning to heal with power plants from his family and community since 7 years old, and has been collaborating with other indigenous communities for twenty years.

After almost 700 episodes, Lara is picking up where Joanna left off with new and old voices, documenting the shift in consciousness, the psychedelic renaissance and the global rise in awareness about our interconnections with all things and Gaia.

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 “I Can’t Sit Still”, original music by Evarusnik, and transition theme music by Jacob Aman.

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