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gaialogue = communion with the living Earth

Our Gaialogues began in 2006 with the intention of exploring “what is it like to be in sacred communion with our living Earth?”  Through remembering ancestral lines of experience and vision that created cultures of wonder and awe, we see a universal spirituality and ethics emerging based on care and partnership for people and planet.  The seeds of future are to be found in the ancestral soul – the primitive soul. 

After 600 episodes, we continue to provide these intimate conversations to the public for free.  Listen and contribute to this community of voices who speak about our connection and partnership with the living Earth.

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        The Invisible Relationships

        In this week’s episode Ralph Abraham speaks with Joanna about: a reciprocal understanding of psychedelic experience and mathematics; connecting with primordial visionary art; meditating in the Himalayas; world history through the lens of chaos theory; a miraculous, historic bifurcation; internet and the fight for democracy; Terence McKenna and 2012; everything we do matters; understanding the world through models of dynamical systems; activating the forces of good; the death track of world history; Hip Santa Cruz, the complexity of collective memory; the evolving global brain.

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        The Story of the Soul

        In this week’s episode Tim Freke speaks with Joanna about: an authentic spirituality for the 21st century; from oneness to individuation, understanding our life journey; a philosophy that embraces science and spirituality; the soul crisis of our time; a mysterious universe; the evolutionary journey of the soul; the potentiality or our deepest Being; the soul-stream; the time where all opposites meet; co-evolution of the inner and physical domains; realizing new potentials on the level of the soul; the next step in the evolutionary process; feeling together the love of conscious oneness; we are the universe becoming conscious of its possibilities.

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        The Awakening Body

        In this week’s episode Reginald Ray speaks with Joanna about: Trungpa Rinpoche and the transmission in the West of the deepest Tantric teachings from Tibetan Buddhism; the inherent spirituality of the body; returning to the sanity of direct experience; the natural love of embodied existence; a microcosm of the Universe; entering the somatic realm beyond thinking; feeling deeply the sacredness of human life; trauma recovery and the spiritual path; metaphoric language and the body; awakening to the nourishing and loving presence of the Earth; changing the world through reconnecting with the Earth.

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        Birthing a Future for Life

        In this week’s episode Bruce Damer speaks with Joanna and Jacob Aman about: a gathering of hearts and minds exploring consciousness; using imagination for science; microtubules and the mind; finding the others in the field of knowing; a second Copernican revolution; a new model for the origin of life as a collaborative community; beyond strict Darwinism and supernaturalism; changing the narrative of separation, remembering our primordial belonging; Gaia’s greatest and most beautiful creation; from the Summer of Love to Burning Man; birthing a future for life in the cosmos; technology, biology, art and poetic tools; raising children for a sharing civilization.

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        Seeing in a New Way

        In this week’s episode Howard G. Charing speaks with Joanna about: a life-changing event; cultivating a fresh, appreciative perception; learning from the Amazonian medicine; unconscious curses; patterns we inherit from previous generations; the mystery DNA; visionary art and the interconnected net of consciousness; humanity’s role in Nature and Cosmos; perceiving the underlying fabric of reality; breaking through the imposed cultural limitations; the visionary brilliance of Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey”; “an evolving jewel in the maelstrom of creation”; keys to personal transformation.

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        A Collective Initiation

        In this week’s episode Daniel Pinchbeck speaks with Joanna about: a passionate inquiry about human transformation; looking for a deeper paradigm shift; a spiritual (r)evolution and initiation process for the human species; ayahuasca’s role in the cultural and spiritual shift; Tamera community, exploring a a new radical template for a new society; bringing Eros back into a conscious community; reaching a cultural tipping point;; Buckminster Fuller and the application of design intelligence to a more awake culture; traditional religions adapting to ecological regeneration; the crisis of human civilization as part of an evolutionary process; a great area of discovery: the untapped, psychic human potential; Trump, the ultimate manifestation of the shadow of a culture lacking initiation; harking back to indigenous cultures for wisdom.

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        Goddesses, Fate and Ancestors

        In this week’s episode Max Dashu speaks with Joanna about: remembering other ways to live; “witch hunts” in Europe, the prehistory of our current socio-political situation; the Three Sisters spinning the webs of Wyrd; ancient Norse and German cosmologies and the curving nature of Time; the archetypal Tree and Well; the pan-global symbol of the holy matrix of Being; the Maidens on the sea of Knowledge; the Faery Faith and the ancestral religion; the break up with ancient knowledge at the time of Industrial Revolution;  language and recreating the future web of meaning.

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        Your Life Can Be Your Art

        In this week’s episode Stephen Nachmanovitch speaks with Joanna about: Improvisation and relationship; the source of creativity; network and connection of relationship; art is life; inspiration is a lifetime of work;the patterns that connect;recognition; assimilating what you see into your being;improv is not random; feeling the world; escaping from perfectionism; mirror neurons; a matrix of ethics; message from Jesus; his new book.

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        This Enchanted World

        In this week’s episode Rachel Harris speaks with Joanna about:  listening to the voice of the rainforest; divination and cleansing; a plant teacher of heartfelt embodiment; communicating with the spirit of Grandmother Ayahuasca; ceremony and song are part of the healing intervention; varieties of the journey of psychospiritual integration; ecstatic revelations and downloads through the plant ally; the shadow side of the ayahuasca culture; the importance of relationship with the natural world; the shift in values after ayahuasca; beyond spiritual experience and psychological healing.

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