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gaialogue = communion with the living Earth

Our Gaialogues began in 2006 with the intention of exploring “what is it like to be in sacred communion with our living Earth?”  Through remembering ancestral lines of experience and vision that created cultures of wonder and awe, we see a universal spirituality and ethics emerging based on care and partnership for people and planet.  The seeds of future are to be found in the ancestral soul – the primitive soul. 

After 600 episodes, we continue to provide these intimate conversations to the public for free.  Listen and contribute to this community of voices who speak about our connection and partnership with the living Earth.

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        A Heart Out of Mind

        In this week's episode Lauren Silver speaks with Joanna about: a mind experiencing layers beyond the physical world; the challenges, sorrows and even joys that come when dementia enters a family's world; elders are respected and loved in a traditional culture; plants,...

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        Just Behind the Surface

        In this week's episode, Cidny Bullens performs heartfelt songs and speaks with Joanna about: telling the story of being human; a man in a woman's body; the truth of embodying one's own story; the process of learning how to live with grief; being part of the mysterious...

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        Something is Afoot

        In this week's episode Priscilla Stuckey speaks with Joanna about: intimacy with the land; aligning our lives to what we live in Nature;  authoritarian roots of Western culture and the cooperative model of Nature; the feminist commitment to people's own sovereignty;...

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        The Dance of Stillness and Energy

        In in this week's episode Alan Rayner speaks with Joanna about: the partnership of trees and fungi; all lifeforms are expressions of flow; seeing the universal patterns; a mutual inclusion of space and energy; inclusionality, the dance of stillness and energy;...

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        The Peace of the Wilderness

        In this week's episode Joseph Bharat Cornell speaks with Joanna about: a life dedicated to sharing the peace felt in Nature; the joy and blissful vibrancy of the wilderness; the whole earth, a meditation of the Cosmic Spirit; the healing practice of forest bathing;...

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        Through the Eyes of Love

        In this week's episode, Michael Roads speaks with Joanna about his lifetime love affair with Nature; the spiritual gateway of imagination; the refining process of listening and communicating with nature; finding the newness in us and the earth; the journey into nature...

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        The Medicine of the Ancestors

        In this week's episode, Clare Wilkins speaks with Joanna about: a medicine of freedom; cellular instruction from a very special root; addiction: aching for connection; a gradual relationship with Iboga; a shift towards a more holistic, systemic treatment in ibogaine...

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        A Year of Inspiration and Breakthrough

        In this week's episode Renn Butler speaks with Joanna about the present and future archetypal themes of the planetary transits we are navigating, with examples from the astrological charts of Ridley Scott, William Shatner and Donald Trump. Renn Butler completed...

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        The Global Brain is Waking Up

        In this week's episode Duane Elgin speaks with Joanna about: living in an unprecedented global transition; a new relationsip with people, Earth and Cosmos; the global brain is waking up; a dead-universe perspective generates alienation, environmental destruction, and...

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