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Joanna Harcourt-Smith

Host and Co-Founder

Jose Luis
Gomez Soler

Producer and Co-Founder

Jacob Aman

Co-Host and Producer

Together, We Are the Media

For over 11 years now, Future Primitive has been hosting intimate conversations with authors, visionaries and innovators who speak about our connection and partnership with the Living Earth. 
We provide this content in order to advance saner and more compassionate visions of our future, guided by our remembering of ancestral wisdom.

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Latest Episodes

The Transformative Power of Nature

In this week's episode Alex Seymour speaks with Joanna about: searching for soul healing, from Afghanistan to the Amazon; a life-changing, spiritual experience through DMT; psychedelics and loosing the fear of death; exploring the unknown territory of the psyche;...

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The Crossroads of the Unexpected

In this week's episode Michael Garfied and Joanna in an exquisite conversation about paradox, intensity, casuality and the art of fun.   Paleontologist turned performance philosopher, Michael Garfield's ecodelic explorations map the evolutionary landscape and our...

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A Culture Without Coercion

In this week's episode Moe Zimmerberg and Iku Fujimatsu speak with Joanna about: the global democratic school movement; hierarchy, control and separation from Nature; city kids rediscovering nature; diversity and commonality of the democratic schools around the world;...

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A Consciousness Revolution

In this week's episode Jon Turk speaks with Joanna about: the ecstatic joy of the wild; dancing the dance of healing in a prison; waking up with the deep wild; a friendship forged in the Artic; the power and magic within us; we need a consciousness revolution; a bike...

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The Founding Mother

In this week's episode Bob Hieronimus and Laura Cortner speak with Joanna about: honoring the Statue of Liberty as a symbol of compassionate enlightenment; Henry Miller and Bertrand Russell, two lovers of embodied freedom; the multicultural, goddess inspiration for...

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Joyful Radiance

In this week's episode Meg Beeler speaks with Joanna about: remembering our inborn fluidity through energy alchemy; seeing with the heart; what is a spiritual connection with Nature; equanimity and embracing the whole; the joy of reciprocity; the ecstatic practice of...

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Praise from Our Listeners

Joe H.

“thank you for these podcasts…OMG…I love you so much…thank you again…your spirit is so wonderful”


I love your play with words and your love for words Joanna. Your comment: ‘this makes life bear-able’ – brought smile to my heart. Wisdom contained in our language when we hear deeply and hear every word. And playfulness. And who if not a bear in us has a strength to bear the unbearable that is happening now. 

Michael G.

“Thanks for all you work. You are making a difference.