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Joanna Harcourt-Smith

Host and Co-Founder

Jose Luis
Gomez Soler

Producer and Co-Founder

Jacob Aman

Co-Host and Producer

Together, We Are the Media

For over 11 years now, Future Primitive has been hosting intimate conversations with authors, visionaries and innovators who speak about our connection and partnership with the Living Earth. 
We provide this content in order to advance saner and more compassionate visions of our future, guided by our remembering of ancestral wisdom.

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Latest Episodes

The Way of the Real Human Being

In this week's episode Ilarion Merculieff speaks with Joanna about: a vibrant, spiritually based culture; one with the ocean; the rich cultural legacy of the Unangan people; the secret to surviving in the Bering Sea for ten thousand years; Aachaa, the mystery of...

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The Strength of Mayan Culture

In this week's episode Lina Barrios speaks with Joanna about: introducing the Mayan territory and languages; Mayan culture's resilience under the Spanish colonization; rituals for collective and individual wellbeing in Mayan life; Popol Wuj, healing and harmony with...

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The Joy of a Blue Sky Mind

In this week's episode Richard Gentei Diedrichs speaks with Joanna about: a shard of pain in the heart; a seeker since a young age; growing compassion through embracing the inner child; discovering Alan Watts and the way of Zen; Western women and everyday Zen; a...

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On the Trail of Ayahuasca

In this week's episode Dennis McKenna speaks at the Synergetic Symposium & Salon "Earth Consciousness and Lore of the Amazon". These "Conversations on Ayahuasca, Ethnomedicine and the Biospheric Imperative" were held at Synergia Ranch in Santa Fe, New Mexico, on...

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Living to Know

In this week's episode Gay Dillingham speaks with Joanna about: inter-generational conversations about what really matters; practising ego-death to live more fully; reactions to "Dying to Know"; beyond the screen, connecting the audience to itself; the human craving...

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The Freedom of Inner Knowing

In this week's episode Catherine Shainberg speaks with Joanna about "reversing", a great kabbalistic technique; the primordial language of images, rooted in the body; plunging into the subconscious for healing and growth; we are dreaming all the time; "dream opening"...

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Praise from Our Listeners

Joe H.

“thank you for these podcasts…OMG…I love you so much…thank you again…your spirit is so wonderful”


I love your play with words and your love for words Joanna. Your comment: ‘this makes life bear-able’ – brought smile to my heart. Wisdom contained in our language when we hear deeply and hear every word. And playfulness. And who if not a bear in us has a strength to bear the unbearable that is happening now. 

Michael G.

“Thanks for all you work. You are making a difference.