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Joanna Harcourt-Smith

Host and Co-Founder

Jose Luis
Gomez Soler

Producer and Co-Founder

Jacob Aman

Co-Host and Producer

Together, We Are the Media

For over 11 years now, Future Primitive has been hosting intimate conversations with authors, visionaries and innovators who speak about our connection and partnership with the Living Earth. 
We provide this content in order to advance saner and more compassionate visions of our future, guided by our remembering of ancestral wisdom.

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Latest Episodes

Awake by the Earth

In this week's episode, Susan Murphy Roshi speaks with Joanna about the offer we can't refuse; how this ecological crisis is a crisis of indifference; we are gathering points of sentience for the Earth; recovering our indigenous, original awareness; our minds are in...

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DMT and the Prophetic State

In this week's episode, Rick Strassman speaks with Joanna about: DMT, a natural psychedelic compound of the human body; the comeback of psychedelics studies; a controversial new project; the DMT space, a relational experience; the prophetic state and the DMT...

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Born to Move

In this week's episode, Kimerer LaMothe speaks with Joanna about: how dance and movement are vital to our humanity; the movements we make are making us; new patterns of possibility; freeing our bodily selves; dance: attunement for a creative future; moved to care by...

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Once Upon the Stars

Amy Edelstein speaks with Joanna about: a visionary, uplifting city; defining evolutionary spirituality; closeness to the stars; a new felt sense towards our environment; opening our consciousness to the big current; homecoming to the Divine; a warmer language for...

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Savage Grace

In this week's episode, Jay Griffiths speaks with Joanna about: our essential connection to Nature; the innate nobility of children; an exploration of freedom; meeting the primal medicine; whales, dolphins and the Songlines of the world;  the people of West Papua...

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A Deep Awake Life

In this week's episode, Tim Freke speaks with Joanna about: meeting the Big Love; connecting from deep I to deep I; enlivenment; a safe space for enchantment; natural healing as part of the awakening process; bringing each other back into beauty; entering the fluid...

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