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Joanna Harcourt-Smith

Host and Co-Founder

Jose Luis
Gomez Soler

Producer and Co-Founder

Jacob Aman

Co-Host and Producer

Together, We Are the Media

For over 11 years now, Future Primitive has been hosting intimate conversations with authors, visionaries and innovators who speak about our connection and partnership with the Living Earth. 
We provide this content in order to advance saner and more compassionate visions of our future, guided by our remembering of ancestral wisdom.

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Latest Episodes

Invisible Nature

An independent scholar living in Berkeley, Kenneth Worthy is research associate at the University of California, Santa Cruz, Department of Environmental Studies and teaches at UC Santa Cruz, St. Mary’s College of California, and UC Berkeley. His research and reviews...

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Imagination and the Gaian Mind

C. Michael Smith, Ph.D. (aka, Mikkal) is a clinical psychologist, medical anthropologist, and an international shamanic teacher who has been working on four continents during the past six years. He is director of Crows Nest Centers for Shamanic Studies International,...

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The Future Happens Through Us

Kingsley Dennis, PhD, is an author, researcher, and sociologist. Kingsley worked in the Sociology Dept. at Lancaster University, UK, and has authored numerous articles on social futures, technology, and conscious evolution.He is the author of "Breaking the Spell: An...

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Remembering Together

Åsmund Seip is a poet, artist and love activist, burning for a collective, beautiful remembering of who we are – and where we are. Åsmund is the author of the book "100 Days of Love", and he is currently crowdfunding his new book, “100 Days for the Earth – Love Poetry...

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Coming Home to the Trees

Jasper is an experienced speaker on Romani Gypsy folklore, myth and the otherworld. He works with individuals and professionals, and regularly leads groups. He is a vibrant and charismatic speaker and his Romani Gypsy heritage, knowledge, and unique system of...

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Farming Soul

Patricia Damery is a Jungian analyst in private practice in Napa, California, where she and her husband also grow grapes, raise goats, and grow and distill lavender and other aromatic plants. They are a Demeter certified Biodynamic organic ranch. Her professional...

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