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Joanna Harcourt-Smith

Host and Co-Founder

Jose Luis
Gomez Soler

Producer and Co-Founder

Jacob Aman

Producer and Shaman

Together, We Are the Media

Since 2006, Future Primitive has been hosting intimate conversations with authors, visionaries and innovators who speak about our connection and partnership with the Living Earth. 
We provide this content in order to advance saner and more compassionate visions of our future, guided by our remembering of ancestral wisdom.

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Latest Episodes

What We Have Forgotten

What We Have Forgotten

Meggan Watterson speaks with Joannna about: Mary Magdalene, a direct connection to the divine; the discovery of the Gospel of Mary Magdalene; a patriarchy-challenging, heart-expanding form of Christianity; the electryfiyng truth in “Thunder, Perfect Mind”; a personal quest and act of devotion; love and the ultimate and radical equality; the sacredness of Earth; finding the naked truth in all the suppressed voices of women; facing the genocide caused by the shadow of Christianity; the vibrant, embodied gnosis of love; waking up from the seven powers in the ego; what we have forgotten; coming home to love.

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Falling in Love with Love

Falling in Love with Love

Loch Kelly speaks with Joanna about: effortless mindfulness, a shift of identity into a more natural level of mind; a direct method of awakening similar in all the wisdom traditions around the world; a democratic, immediate way of shifting into awake awareness; childhood glimpses into a dimension of interconnected, loving, embodied presence; practising awareness yoga; the unique paradox of this approach; a guided glimpse of effortless mindfulness; “small glimpses, many times”; feeling the pain of the world from a boundless tenderness; simple, elegant doorways to freedom; falling in love with love.

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Finding Authenticity

Finding Authenticity

Tanya Constantine speaks with Joanna about: memoir as catharsis; who is Eddie Constantine?; an American in Paris; a difficult childhood; a testament to the resilience of the human spirit; being the child of a celebrity; looking for authenticity; a long process of clearing pain and trauma; searching for the truth of one’s identity; the medicine of MDMA; becoming a finder; grounding with the Earth and the Sun; relaxing into who you are; a balance between doing and being; competing with Frank Sinatra and Charles Aznavour; trying to understand.

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The Natural State of Being

The Natural State of Being

Jan Van Ysslestyne speaks with Joanna about: the Ulchi culture, people of Eastern Siberia; Doro, an ancient Daoist way of being in the world; technology also comes from Nature; an ancient oral history coming back to Neolithic times; the natural art and skill of shamanizing; an intimate relationship with Nature and the Universe; Nature as a system of complementary and cooperative experience; the paradox of individuation and connection; play, the most important thing that is; everything is a verb; healing is the singing; an ocean of fascinating creation myths; restoring the life force of the soul; natural, effortless perceiving through silent feeling; a spontaneous song by Grandfather Misha.

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A Quiet Revolution

A Quiet Revolution

Pip Waller and Lucy Wells speak with Joanna about: plant spirit medicine, all about relationship; the uniqueness of medicine received from plants; re-emergence of our original, ancestral knowing; signs of the cry of the spirit; the loss of our indigenous ways in Europe; the medicine of rootedness; praying to the roots of the one tree; the mesenger plants; an ongoing, humbling process of initiation and service; feeling divinity in nature; Fire, the deep ocean of joy, connection and transformation in living, breathing life; a journey through the Chinese medicine wheel of the year; the ancient, mysterious yew tree.

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Words from a Maasai Chief

Words from a Maasai Chief

Maasai Chief Nickson Parmisa speaks with Joanna about: the Maasai way of life; the Maasai origin story and spirituality; the key role of livestock in Maasai life; empowerment for Maasai women today; the challenge of combining traditional life and innovation; leadership in Maasai culture; protectors of wildlife; Acacia Moyo, where tradition meets technology.

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Praise from Our Listeners

Joe H.

“thank you for these podcasts…OMG…I love you so much…thank you again…your spirit is so wonderful”


“Thank you for all the work you do.  I have been listening to your podcasts since last year and they have changed my mind and my life so dramatically, in such a REAL way.  I have become more real, more alive, more LoveIncarnate, thanks to your sharing your love and your passion with the world.  When I listen to your voice, I feel like I’m sitting in the room with you and your interviewees, and I feel wrapped in warmth and home and love.”

Sir Pete A.

“Dear Joanna, I know that you know the importance of your work with Future Primitive to the many lives it has touched.  and, “Brava”.  But there is a dimension to this body of work, because it is a “body of work”, that I am not sure you know the value of.  Because you are chronicling lives and values unique in this world, and you are doing it with the very words of those we need to remember.”


I love your play with words and your love for words Joanna. Your comment: ‘this makes life bear-able’ – brought smile to my heart. Wisdom contained in our language when we hear deeply and hear every word. And playfulness. And who if not a bear in us has a strength to bear the unbearable that is happening now. 

Naomi W.

“I just wanted to thank you you Joanna for your amazing work on future primitive.These conversations have brought me much solace and comfort in a lonely place,whenever I hear your voice and the opening music to each interview I feel my whole body exhale and a sense of companionship with kindred spirits.”

Michael G.

“Thanks for all you work. You are making a difference.

Timothy A.

“Thank you so much for the gifts that are your website and podcast! It is wonderful to hear a gentle voice of wisdom amidst the inanities and din of the Internet. I listen to downloaded episodes of your interviews as I negotiate the highways of Atlanta, and am therefore able to arrive at work in a relatively calm state wherein I can begin to properly honor the day.”


“In 2010 I struggled with losing my job after 11 years, as well as several other personal difficulties that I still do not feel capable of writing about. That said, I wanted to tell you that I discovered your podcast in the midst of some of my most difficult days, and I found your interviews to be such a solace.”

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