Lara Tambacopoulou


Peer counselor, psychedelic activist, poet and photographer

Born in 60s Switzerland, Lara is of British, Greek and Polish descent with a rich and diverse lived experience. She is a peer counselor, a psychedelic activist, a poet and photographer and currently on an intense apprenticeship as a student with the Awe Foundation 3 year Psychedelic Therapy Training program.

A life long learner, her education spans from an MA in Image and Communications, an MBA and a Counseling degree from the University of British Columbia and has worked in business and humanitarian contexts. Today she is most passionate about her systemic constellations work, which she is due to become qualified to facilitate in groups and one to one by the Centre for Systemic Constellations in the UK this coming fall. Everything she does is motivated by the wisdom of radical inclusion, where allowing everything to belong brings all living beings to a state of consciousness and therefore, harmony.

These incredible conversations that were lovingly brought to so many people by her mother, became the rich backdrop of their ongoing journey of connecting the fragmented lives and circumstances that they traveled together. Lara is carrying Joanna’s wish in her final days that they spent together on this plane, to keep the dialogue with everybody who has an essential truth to share, alive.


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