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Gathering Around the Table of Connection
An Interview with Michael Hebb

March 19, 2023

Interview by
Lara Tambacopoulou


In this episode Lara speaks to Michael Hebb, founder and co-founder of, and, all three projects have the common theme of gathering people around the dinner table in order to open the space to explore some difficult topics which are – perhaps not so anymore – taboo. Many thousands of dinners around the globe later and just a few weeks ago, Michael relaunched Drugs over Dinner alongside brilliant partners, advisors and friends which is now focused on gathering groups across the globe to have a compassionate conversation about the benefits and challenges of psychedelics. Michael and Lara crossed paths many years ago via their common friend Dr. Gabor Mate, Michael has an incredible track record in social activism blended with originality and fierce dedication.

After almost 700 episodes, Lara is picking up where Joanna left off with new and old voices, documenting the shift in consciousness, the psychedelic renaissance and the global rise in awareness about our interconnections with all things and Gaia.

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“I Can’t Sit Still”, original music by Evarusnik, and transition theme music by Jacob Aman.

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