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An Inner Approach to Ethics and Right Relationship
An Interview with Kylea Taylor

November 9, 2022

Interview by
Lara Tambacopoulou

In this episode, Lara Tambacopoulou interviews Kylea Taylor about her concept of InnerEthics® and Right Relationship.

Kylea Taylor is a Marriage and Family Therapist, licensed in California (MFC #34901), a consultant, and author of The Ethics of Caring. Kylea does consulting and teaching related to InnerEthics® based on her successful title The Ethics of Caring. The book won a 2018 Nautilus Book Award (the year following publication) in the category, “Relationships & Communication.”

Kylea feels a personal mission to decrease client harm and increase client benefit by inspiring and educating therapists, teachers, and other care providers to take a compassionate, self-reflective approach to ethics. She shares her method InnerEthics® through consulting, training, and peer and formal supervision.

Kylea envisions a paradigm shift in therapeutic, academic, and medical cultures in which ethical self-reflection will become the norm.

Resources from this episode.

Taylor, K. (2017). The Ethics of Caring: Finding Right Relationship with Clients. Hanford Mead.

Course 101-Ethical Right Relationship in Psychedelic-Assisted Psychotherapy – Kylea Taylor
Two-hour self-paced introduction to relational ethics for psychedelic therapists. CEs available.

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Grof Transpersonal Training –
The first (and ongoing) Training for Practitioners working with clients in extra-ordinary states of consciousness. Week-long residential modules: one-third transpersonal didactic education; one-third experience in extra-ordinary states of consciousness; and one-third practice in sitting for experiencers in extra-ordinary states of consciousness. Recommended particularly for psychedelic-assisted therapists-in-training to get practice with Sitting for people in expanded states.

Stout. M. (2006). The Sociopath Next DoorHarmony.

Stan Grof –
Grof, S. (2000). Psychology of the Future. SUNY.
His Cartography of the Psyche is explained in pp. 20-69

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