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By becoming a sustaining member of Future Primitive, you not only receive access to our online community, you also make it possible for us to continue to provide these podcasts for free to the public.  Help support independent media and healthy, respectful online culture!

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Benefits of Membership

We have created a community subscription model that will both sustain Future Primitive and create new ways for our listeners and guests to interact with each other and continue the conversation.  The benefits of becoming a sustaining member include:

  • Modern Forum and Chat: Members have access to a secure, modern community forum, where previous and current guests, other subscribers and the hosts can discuss episode subject matters, current events, philosophize, and share their creative offerings and projects. Members will also be able to live chat in groups or indivudally, using an excellent modern chat interface integrated into our forum. This will include live support for members to assist with navigating the website and using the forum.
  • Special Content and Videos: Audiobooks (e.g. Tripping the Bardo), nuggets from previous episodes (transcripts, juicy excerpts), videos, ebooks, art and music downloads, and more!
  • Discounted Events and Courses: Members will also receive discounts to future courses like Joanna’s recurring memoir writing course, and upcoming online and real-world events.
  • Q&A with Guests: We will coordinate with current and previous guests to hold scheduled and publicized Q&A sessions on the community forum. Some of these will be live streaming video events.  Communcations happen through the live chat interface on our website.

Why Support Future Primitive?

For the first five years of our podcast, we were financially sustained by the Marion Institute. After Marion shifted their assets to on-the-ground environmental and educational initiatives, Future Primitive has continued through the generosity of our listeners and friends.

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