Marian Van Eyk McCain, originally a social worker, and then for many years a transpersonal psychotherapist, workshop leader and health educator, now concentrates on writing, and environmental activism. She writes on a number of subjects, including ‘Wellness,’ stress-management, psychology, personal development, women’s health and spirituality, conscious, ‘zestful’ ageing, environmental issues, organic food production and alternative technology. Her most recent work has been as Editor of what has been hailed as the definitive book on green spirituality, GreenSpirit: Path to a New Consciousness (O Books, 2010), Downshifting Made Easy: How to plan for your planet-friendly future (O Books, 2011) and her first, full-length novel, The Bird Menders. She is also secretary of the Wholesome Food Association. She runs a women’s group and a writer’s circle, is active in her local community, grows organic vegetables, goes for long walks, reads a lot and loves to dance.

Marian speaks with Joanna about conscious ageing, combining simplicity with modernity,green spirituality, the collective shift of consciousness, developing the “enough switch”…

Music: “We Build Fires” (from Scotland – World Network 32) by The Poozies

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