Author, Robert Waggoner, is past President of the International Association for the Study of Dreams (IASD) . For the past ten years, he has been the co-editor of the online magazine, The Lucid Dreaming Experience, the only ongoing publication devoted specifically to lucid dreaming. A lucid dreamer since 1975, he has logged more than 1,000 lucid dreams.
Robert frequently speaks on lucid dreaming at national and international dream conferences, workshops and college classrooms, like Sonoma State University, Iowa State University, University of Washington, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor and Evergreen State College. He is the author of “Lucid Dreaming. Gateway to the Inner Self” and his newest book, co-authored with Caroline McCready, “Lucid Dreaming, Plain and Simple: Tips and Techniques for Insight, Creativity, and Personal Growth”.

Robert speaks with Joanna about the lucid dreaming state: similarities between lucid dreaming and near-death-experience; a tool for exploring the nature of the mind and reality; dream telepathy; how to develop a lucid mindset for oniric lucidity; interacting with the awareness behind the dream; loving and healing our inner selves; lucid life, lucid death; the interconnected oneness of Nature.