Elizabeth Bader’s passion is the integration of spirituality, psychology and conflict resolution. A lawyer, mediator, coach, author and teacher, Elizabeth’s focus is on working with individuals and groups, coaching, education and training.
As Elizabeth has discussed in her recent publications, the worlds of psychology and spirituality come together during conflict. This is due to the way that issues of self and identity — also known as “face” or “ego” issues — create conflict and impede its resolution. Elizabeth believes we also need a new approach to spirituality — one that includes a psychological understanding of conflict, power dynamics and the tendency toward idealization of “gurus.” In Elizabeth’s work with individuals  she teaches what she calls Mindful Somatic Inquiry.  This practice combines insights from conflict resolution with somatic inquiry practices based on the work of Peter Levine, A. H. Almaas and Faisal Muqaddam.  The goal of this form of inquiry is to facilitate individual insight and opening to the here-and-now.

Elizabeth speaks with Joanna about psychological issues and conflict resolution; dignity, peace, power; doing from a deeper place; trauma work as key adjunct to spirituality; fight, flight…and freeze: playing dead to survive; shaking the freeze.