Patrick_Anderson_and Thomas_JaggersIn this week’s episode Thomas Jaggers and Patrick Anderson speak with Joanna about survival, safety, and intimacy; the strength of vulnerability; the roots of homophobia; the historic repression of male expressions of love and affection; the potential for masculine and feminine qualities within us all; attuning to the body, preventing violence; the capacity to hold our woundedness; the cultural imperative for developing male violence; cultivating  a reverent relationship with our bodies; aware of our bodies, aware of Earth’s body; fear and greed, the false masculine.


Patrick Anderson has devoted much of his adult life to understanding the processes by which we, as human beings, can share the most intimate parts of ourselves with others, while retaining our own sense of integrity through a deep connection to our inner experience, as well as to the natural and spiritual worlds. With a Masters degree in Peace and Conflict Resolution, and over 20 years’ practice of meditation, energy work and physical modalities, Patrick continues to learn about the mysteries of the heart by sharing his understandings and practices with others in workshops, individual sessions, and transformative retreats.

Thomas Jaggers is a teacher, facilitator, and community leader and activist. Thomas is a teacher of MogaDao Qigong, Daoist meditation and Sacred Daoist Sexuality. He serves as Board Member and Community Relations Director for the MogaDao Institute in Santa Fe, and is on the faculty and leadership team of the Academy for the Love of Learning. As a facilitator, Thomas brings a passionate approach to social change and transformation. He seeks to create forums in which people can speak openly and be heard by each other in a space of compassion and vulnerability.


“I Can’t Sit Still”, original music by Evarusnik